NLAB Amino Acid Mousse Cleanser
NLAB Amino Acid Mousse Cleanser
NLAB Skin Care Clarify Hydrationist Series
  • Benefits:

    NLAB Amino Acid Mousse Cleanser contains a delicate small molecule amino-acid cleansing foam creating a protective layer on your skin. This Cleanser has deep cleansing and remover functions all conveniently in a single bottle.Equipped with a unique anti-bacterial silicone nano-brush head gently massaging your skin whist deep cleansing pores resulting in delicate and smooth skin. Effectively removing deep pores with grease and other dirty particles from your skin promoting smooth, lifting and resilient skin. It also helps to protect skin over the long term improving defense ability and reducing sensitive skin.
  • Instruction:

    Prepare by washing the entire facial area with sufficient amount of warm water then gently shake the cleanser before pressing the pump head. Squeeze the foam onto the skin slowly while maintaining a gentle circular motion with the brush head until moving onto the next area of skin as needed. Simply rinse thoroughly with warm water and continue with daily skincare routine. Be sure to clean the cleanser’s silicone nano-brush head thoroughly after use.Use twice daily.