Rehydrating Clarifying Cream
Rehydrating Clarifying Cream
NLAB SKIN CARE Clarify Hydrationist Series
  • Benefits:

    Rehydrating Clarifying Cream has a powerful moisturizing and calming effect which maintains the skin’s moisture level for prolonged periods of time. Made to relieve allergy symptoms caused by skin drying, an unique non-stick moisturizing formula was developed that absorbs and stores large amounts of water in the skin. Meanwhile locking the moisture on the skin’s surface giving skin a firming bouncing touch. Rich in human stem cell revitalizing factors and a cell regeneration function. Solves the fundamental problems of broken, withered and skin cell soothing keeping the skin’s moisture level healthy.
  • Instruction:

    Recommended morning and evening use after deep facial cleaning routines are completed. Please take the appropriate amount required to spread the cream evenly across the face and gently massage until fully absorbed. Complement with other products for a better universal result.